Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Artist Susie Hansen creating.

Artist Susie Hansen

Great light in evening.

Beach Forms Series

Beach Forms

Paintings By Susie Hansen, acrylic on canvas

                                                      "Walking Among The Trees"            
                                                    "Old Hudson"
                                                    "The Campbell River"
                                                    "Light Of Eve"
                                                      "Tides & Tales"
                                                        "Mr. Willy"
                                               "The Bluff"        
                                                "Forgotten Fall"
                                                    "Drifting Memories"
                                             "Inside The Window"

                                               "Self Portrait"
                                                 "Inside Italy"
                                             "Misty Fern"
                                           "Cathy's Heron"

                                             "Community Living"
 Great light inside Studio

 Lots of space.

The studio is a work of Art.

Shansen Art Sudio

 Built 2015
 Path to Studio
 A welcoming place.
Morning sun 

 Inside Studio